Open World Bakery Examples

From Open World Bakery

You can find several open-source example projects to understand the nature of the plugin and to copy-paste some obvious solutions.

Executable bakery demo

Runtime screenshot

Demo project built as windows 64bit EXE-file. Use this demo to estimate performance and get a general idea about Bakery output heightmaps. You can export any world you see to the set of PNG heightmaps (ground, water level, water flow, material). See () short video about this demo.

Make sure you've installed MSVC redistributable first (generally, as a developer, you must have it already). See the project for this exe below.

Executable: Demo application (~126MB ZIP).

Bakery runtime demo project

UE4 with demo project

Demo project with runtime terrain generation, the one that builds the executable mentioned above. 3-d party plugin Easy Voxels: Marching Cubes is used to represent the resulting terrain. Blunt debug mapping used for the result terrain. Required both plugins to be installed to run (thou you can explore red-dead blueprints, I guess).

UE4 project: Bakery+EasyVox Demo (GitHub)

This video shows project functionality and provides some insight on the runtime Bakery usage.

Unreal landscaping tools showcase

Fjord example map
Brushes showcase

Level with visual representation of all basic landscaping brushes available. Plus several fully-built landscapes, such as “Valley”, “Volcano” and “Fjord”, so you could explore what's under the hood. Required Open World Bakery to run properly.

UE4 project: Editor Landscape Examples (GitHub)