Binary Trial build

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Link to download (zip-archive on OneDrive, ~30MB)


  1. Unzip the archive contents to your project's "Plugins" folder
    1. Navigate to your project folder, say c:\ue4_projects\MyTestProject. There must be file MyTestProject.uproject and some folders, for example Content, Config.
    2. If there is no folder "Plugins" create one, in our example it's going to be c:\ue4_projects\MyTestProject\Plugins
    3. Unzip archive there, after it's done you must have folder c:\ue4_projects\MyTestProject\Plugins\OpenWorldBakery with OpenWorldBakery.uplugin file and several folders there.
  2. Restart Unreal Editor
  3. Editor will ask you, should it update the project, click "Yes"
  4. You are all set up, you can experiment with the demo-version of the plugin now

Differences between full version and trial

  • Trial version is limited in baking resolution, it can only bake 524*524 world
  • Trial version will not work outdside the Editor, so you can't build working game with Trial
  • Trial is shipped with c++ headers, while full version is open source

That's it, outcide from that trial has the same functionaloty as full version.