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Example Landscape - Valley

Bakery overview


“Open World Bakery” is an Unreal 4 plugin to generate geologically accurate heightmaps/landscapes in real time. You can use it both in the editor and at the runtime in your project. Plugin is perfectly integrated with UE4 native Landscapes and also with some 3-d party plugins (see below).


“Open World Bakery” utilizes multithreading and works quite fast on any modern desktop CPU with maps up to ~1024*1024. You can produce maps of any resolution (as long as your computer possesses enough memory), but it can take significant time, for example final baking of 8192*8192 map may take up to an hour even on a hi-end PC, which is acceptable during development but not of much use in the real time game.

Currently GPU isn't used for baking. After core functionality stabilizes many terrain processing steps are planned to move to GPU, so this will speed up baking up to ten times or even more (depends on GPU too). But not yet, only CPU is currently used.


Baking feedback

You can use Bakery in the “Directive” manner, deploying manually shaped mountains and rivers at the exact positions and then (optionally) eroding the terrain. Or you can set up some (more or less - it's up to you) wide terrain generation framework to get an infinite number of realistically looking random landscapes.

Plugin provides full control of the generation process for both C++ and Blueprints. There is also a graphical interface to setup and quickly preview map generation.

Supported engine versions

  • 4.25 - fully supported
    • Tested on Win/Mac, all is fine
    • Tested on Linux, runtime is fine, but I could not test Editor module due to editor instant crashing (with or without the plugin) after I create any Landscape. Should work, thou, no reasons not to.
  • 4.24 - no Landscape Brush blueprints, manual build required. I'm to lazy to copy-paste blueprints back to 4.24, but generally it should all work just fine there too.
  • 4.23 and older - core functionality must work if you build plugin yourself, but I do not plan to support thouse


Picture's worth a thousand words, so you can find several executable and several open-source example projects.

You should also take a look at videos, they show plugin capabilities and some usage scenarios.

Integration with other UE4 plugins

Native UE4 Landscape Blueprint Brush

Plugin relies on native UE4 Landscape “Blueprint brush”, so you can use Bakery out of the box inside the editor. See the video instruction on how to integrate native landscaping tools with the bakery.

Voxel Plugin

You can use Bakery with both “Voxel Plugin PRO” and “Voxel Plugin FREE”, you only need to install a free interconnection plugin from GitHub

Easy Voxels: Marching Cubes

Easy Voxels: Marching Cubes - you can use Bakery with “Easy Voxels”, you only need to install a free interconnection plugin from GitHub. See the video step-by-step video instruction on how to make theese plugins work together.

What's this “Geologically accurate” means, really?

You can watch a video, explaning the principles used by Bakery to visually approximate real geological processes.

Water: lakes, springs, rivers

Stream layaut demo

Plugin not only creates realistically looking terrain, but it also produces correct water heightmsp as well as flow map. So you can automatically place lakes and rivers exactly where they must be and the water flows top-down, as you would expect it in real life.