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So I am creating a MMO game (No-no-no, stop laughing, you do not understand, it's different! I can't see what's so funny here, stop it!), and for this game to work I need some key elements. The first (and the easiest one) is an autonomous terrain generator. So to make a nice generator you have to have some GUI, some preview etc etc. So this sub-project naturally turns into the plugin, and this plugin looked so nice that I decided to share it and sell it. And here we are.

Next thing I plan to develop is a P2P blockchain-empowered network layer for my super-duper MMO (why are you smiling at me again, ah? Ah? What’s so funny???). So I would not have to have a server farm, you know. Which means you can expect one more plugin from me before I will start to hire the team to make from these components a real game.

I’m not sure I will be ready to share that one, though. We will see.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, see Contacts page. I may reply slowly, but I will reply.