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  1. Make soil generation controllable, mostly just a clone of RandomHeightMapFill (now soil terrasing dows not scale perfectly, for example)
  2. Add networking support
  3. Rewrite FSquareMeter logic so that it would:
    1. Not use struct/class as a base but rather use set of plain arrays (this will allow to easily play with GPU, see below)
    2. Perhaps make it more abstract and inheritable (currently it's not a class from the strict point of view)
  4. Rewrite basic terrain generation (UOWB_CalcStreamsFlow_Enchanter) so that it would be able to utilize GPU.
    1. Use HLSL code, injected to C++ as well, to generate random numbers
    2. Use HLSL code, injected to C++ as well, to generate noise
    3. Feed this HLSL to UE4 as well
    4. Create a material to utilize this HLSL
    5. Rewrite enchanter so that it could
      1. Split map apart (GPU can't work with bitmaps 20000*20000)
      2. Iterate through all hills, feeding map to GPU and getting it back, so that all hills get applied
      3. Whatever else it takes